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In my earlier figurative sculptural work, I explored the way light defines form. In my more recent light works, I explore the way form defines light. I am committed to utilizing found and cast0off materials, combining the products and detritus of industry with the sublime corpses of plant and animal life forms, seeking new meanings in their combination and context.


My influences: the artists of France and Italy, from the Rennaissance through the Industrial Age, who worked in bronze; nineteenth and early twentieth-century children's book illustrators; the Surrealists; the handiwork of indigenous peoples, folk artists and outsiders; natural forms; and all of the wonderful creative ones whose work inspired me to do my own.

My current multimedia work is a concentration in repurposed materials and the incorporation of artificial and natural light, exploring the intersections of consumer culture and spirituality.




Born: Pittsburgh, PA.

Worked as a factory worker, bartender, ice cream truck driver, musician, underground cartoonist, social worker,  teacher, graphic designer, entrepreneur.

BFA, Sculpture, University of Illinois, 1972

Residence and studio in Chicago.


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